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The Other Two (2019)

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Last aired: Pat Gets an Offer to Host "Tic Tac Toe", Thu Sep 16, 2021
The Other Two follows a 29-year-old aspiring actor wondering why he can't get better auditions than "Man at Party Who Smells Fart," and his 30-year-old sister Brooke, a former professional child dancer, who aspires to be anything other than what she is right now. As the two siblings work towards finding themselves, they must also confront the dueling emotions of envy and pride brought on by the overnight internet fame of their younger brother, 12-year-old Chase.
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Season 2:

Chase Goes to College

Pat Connects with Her Fans

Chase Guest-Edits Vogue

Pat Hosts Just Another Regular Show

Chase Gets Baptized

Pat Becomes #1 in Daytime

Chase Becomes Co-Owner of the Nets

Pat Gets an Offer to Host "Tic Tac Toe"

Episode #2.9

Brooke & Cary Go to a Fashion Show

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Party Down
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swoo wrote "instead of family that is celebrity adjacent, coworkers at catering company in Los Angeles"

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