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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Hagane no renkinjutsushi)   Cowboy Bebop   Steins;Gate   Castlevania   Wellington Paranormal   Never Have I Ever   The End   Loki   Nine Films About Technology   Star Wars: The Bad Batch   Rick and Morty   This Way Up   Tuca & Bertie   Wynonna Earp   The Boys   Dave   American Dad!   The Owl House   Hospital Playlist   Batwoman   Betty   The Twilight Zone   Miracle Workers   Kingdom   Charmed   Mr Inbetween   The 100   Penny Dreadful: City of Angels   The White Lotus   Future Man

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Recent Reviews
Star Wars: The Bad Batch 4.0 by Jonathan
Boring. Had trouble caring about the characters. Same ol' star wars clone wars bolony.

P-Valley 7.0 by Jonathan
Show builds on a series of events with the climax in the final episode. Southern drama with theme...

Atlanta 9.0 by Jonathan
Fun show about race, class systems, and life on the street of Atlanta. Been too long between seas...

Black Mirror 9.0 by Jonathan
Some episodes are hit and miss but overall a great sci-fi thriller with each episode covering a d...

Rick and Morty 10.0 by Jonathan
Fun animations and stories with great futuristic and philosophical themes built into a fast movin...

The Mandalorian 10.0 by Stippy
Fun and inspirational show

Westworld 10.0 by Stippy
1st season > 2nd season > 3rd season

Katla 3.0 by swoo
Gave up after two and half episodes, very slow moving might be interesting if one wants to watch ...

Record of Ragnarok 4.0 by swoo
interesting story, decent music, voice acting and art and incredibly bad animation that is equiva...

The Walking Dead 8.0 by Joanne520

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Work in Progress
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Black Mirror
was recommended for Nine Films About Technology by swoo

Los Espookys
was recommended for Wellington Paranormal by swoo

Mr Inbetween
was recommended for Get Shorty by swoo

Get Shorty
was recommended for Mr Inbetween by swoo

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