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It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

- Upton Sinclair (I, Candidate for Governor - and How I Got Licked)

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Criminal Minds   Supergirl   The 100   The Great   The Wheel of Time   Gotham   Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia   Arcane   Big Mouth   Hit-Monkey   Peaky Blinders   Batwoman   Gen: Lock   The Sex Lives of College Girls   9-1-1   Foundation   Curb Your Enthusiasm   Animaniacs   Yellowjackets   Tear Along the Dotted Line (Strappare lungo i bordi)   Happiness   The Nevers   The Originals   Succession   Insecure   Dexter: New Blood   Inspector Koo (A Wonderful Sight)   Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.   Love Life   Fear the Walking Dead   Bobs Burgers   Amphibia   Dr. Brain   Dickinson   Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba   Y: The Last Man   Cowboy Bebop   The Flash   Hawkeye   Hanna

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Recent Reviews
Yellowjackets 8.0 by Joanne520

My Name 3.0 by swoo
This starts off well with great cinematography and fight scenes but weak writing which gets worse...

Foundation 2.0 by swoo
This show has some of the *names* of characters and places in common with the book series but plo...

Gotham 10.0 by Sawoop_24

Malcolm in the Middle 10.0 by no name

The Outpost 9.0 by Joanne520

Titans 9.0 by Joanne520

Supernatural 8.0 by bbbent72

Castle Rock 10.0 by bbbent72

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was recommended for Curb Your Enthusiasm by swoo

The Tudors
was recommended for The Great by swoo

Astrid et Raphaëlle
was recommended for Sherlock by swoo

Super Crooks
was recommended for Jupiters Legacy by swoo

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was recommended for My Name by swoo

Fresh Meat
was recommended for The Sex Lives of College Girls by swoo

was recommended for The Sex Lives of College Girls by swoo

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