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Supernatural (2005)

15 seasons 8.0/10 from one review
Drama   Action   Supernatural  
All episodes have aired. Show has ended.
This haunting series follows the Winchester brothers as they crisscross the lonely and mysterious back roads of the country in their '67 Chevy Impala, hunting down every evil supernatural force they encounter along the way.
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Season 15:

Back and to the Future

Raising Hell

The Rupture

Atomic Monsters

Proverbs 17:3

Golden Time

Last Call

Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

The Trap

The Heroes' Journey

The Gamblers

Galaxy Brain

Destiny's Child

Last Holiday

Gimme Shelter

Drag Me Away (From You)



Inherit the Earth

Carry On

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8/10 - bbbent72

review created: August 8, 2021

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