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The Sound of Your Heart (Maeumui sori) (2016)

One season 8.0/10 from one review
Last aired: Sunday/On Hiatus, Fri Jan 06, 2017
Based on the longest-running webtoon "Maeum-ui Sori" in Korea, "Sound of your heart" is a story about Cho Seok, an aspiring comic writer, and his strange family.
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Season 1:

The Sound of Your Heart

Noisy Neighbors

Internet Man

Reply 2016

Reconstructed Memory

Cho Seok's Diary





The Sound of Your Heart/The Way Home

I'll Just Stay Here/Reply 2016

Your 50's/Reconstructed Memory

Cho Seok's Diary/Doppelganger

Timing/The Dating Game

Bucket List/Noisy Neighbours

Ae-bong's Birthday Party/Internet Man

Fire in China/Documentary

Twins/Ae-bong in a Cast

Sunday/On Hiatus

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8/10 - swoo
Extremely funny, similar to early seasons of Arrested Development without English wordplay jokes - if there any in Korean they went over my head.
review updated: November 26, 2020

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