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Record of Ragnarok (2021)

One season 4.0/10 from one review
Action   Anime   Fantasy    Japanese  
All episodes have aired. Show has ended.
Record of Ragnarok is the story of 13 gods from across the globe and 13 of the world's most notable humans fighting it out in one-on-one battles to decide the fate of humanity. 
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Season 1:


Worthy Opponent

Killer Move


FILE No.00000000001

Great Emulation

Expelled from Paradise

Grace Abounding

Tyrant of the Ocean

Greatest Loser

The Swallow Gazes into the Abyss

And Ragnarok Goes On

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4/10 - swoo
interesting story, decent music, voice acting and art and incredibly bad animation that is equivalent to power point slideshow, it's like looking at a manga while the audiobook is playing
review created: July 3, 2021

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