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Love Life (2020)

One season 1.0/10 from one review
Comedy   Romance  
Last aired: The Person, Thu Jun 11, 2020
Anna Kendrick stars in a fresh take on a romantic comedy anthology series about the journey from first love to lasting love, and how the people we're with along the way make us into who we ... See full summary »
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Season 1:

Augie Jeong

Bradley Field

Danny Two Phones

Magnus Lund

Luke Ducharme

Magnus Lund Part II

Claudia Hoffman

Sara Yang

Augie Again

The Person

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One user recommends

swoo wrote "About single African American woman in Los Angeles not New York, but pretty funny mixed with some drama"

Broad City
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swoo wrote "About two female friends in New York, not centered on romance but has better subplots about romance than this entire show."

Modern Love
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swoo wrote "much better show but different people every episode"


1/10 - swoo
This is like Sex and the City but only about one woman's romantic life instead of four and not funny after two episodes.
review updated: May 29, 2020

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