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Miracle Workers (2019)

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Drama   Comedy   Supernatural  
Last aired: Oregon Trail: End of the Trail, Tue Sep 14, 2021
Miracle Workers is a seasonal anthology series based on Simon Rich's books.The first season is based on What in God's Name, and turns the perception of heaven on its head while also making the case that humans are worth saving.The second season is based on Revolution, and centers upon a group of medieval villagers trying to stay positive in an age of extreme income inequality, poor healthcare, and widespread ignorance.
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Season 3:

Oregon Trail: Hittin' the Trail

Oregon Trail: Fording the River

Oregon Trail: Hunting Party

Oregon Trail: What Happens in Branchwater

Oregon Trail: Meet the Noonans

Oregon Trail: Independence Rock

Oregon Trail: White Savior

Oregon Trail: Over the Mountain

Oregon Trail: Stranded

Oregon Trail: End of the Trail

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