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Disenchantment (2018)

4 seasons 3.0/10 from one review
Last aired: Bean Falls Down, Fri Jan 15, 2021
In Disenchantment, viewers are whisked away to the crumbling medieval kingdom of Dreamland, where they follow the misadventures of hard-drinking young princess Bean, her feisty elf companion Elfo, and her personal demon Luci. Along the way, the oddball trio encounter ogres, sprites, harpies, imps, trolls, walruses, and lots of human fools.
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Season 3:

Subterranean Homesick Blues

You're the Bean

Beanie Get Your Gun

Steamland Confidential

Freak Out!

Last Splash

Bad Moon Rising

Hey, Pig Spender

The Madness of King Zøg

Bean Falls Down

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3/10 - swoo
This show is terrible, most of the performers are familiar voices from comedy but the writing is so bad they cannot make it watchable. This show only slightly improves after the pilot, watched all 20 episodes. Reminds me of Final Space, maybe one or two jokes per episode that make one laugh, more like a drama than a comedy. Also the animation is subpar with lots of missing frames from action - hard to believe same people behind scenes as futurama except for 3d pans. Feels lazy, underdone, there are a lot of live action shows with more thought put into jokes in the background of the shot or require pausing on rewatch than the effort put into the main action in this show.
review updated: September 27, 2019

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